Shannon W. –  Norwalk, CT

My goal was to BQ.  When I started training with James, my fastest marathon was a 3:48 (Chicago 2012).  I wanted to BQ the following spring at The New Jersey Marathon.  Since I had a few marathons under my belt,  James put me on a training plan that included a half marathon 6 weeks before my marathon.  Well, I PRed my half by 6 minutes (1:37:40) and BQed in Jersey with a time of 3:24:58! I finished both races feeling incredible!

Shannon W CT

Shannon W from CT after running the 2014 Boston Marathon!



Tracy D. – Redding, CT

I am not a “fast” runner and yes, will admit to *ahem* missing a few training runs. James has helped get me on course with getting more consistent, giving me more confidence in myself as a runner. My goal for my third run of the NYC Marathon (2013) was to finally break the 5 hour mark (missed it by seconds the last time). I was never more proud of crossing that line at 4:48. I know to many it seems slow and no big deal, but Coach Whip made me feel as if I had won the race. He focuses not just on the miles, speeds, tempos and such, but also on the runner themselves. I am super excited to have him behind me as I go for a new PR in Philadelphia this fall.

Tracy running strong for Fred's Team!

Tracy running strong for Fred’s Team!

Carlos G. – Norwalk, CT

I’ve been running now for a little over 2years and I’m loving every step I take. The energy that James puts out there and the inspiration you get just from hearing him talk about running, is amazing. I’ve done several 5k, 10k, half marathons and one full marathon all under the training schedules/ coaching of James “Whip”. James is very knowledgeable when it comes to running. All of the schedules are different depending on the race and goals your shooting for. He will push you enough to move you out of your comfort zone and helps you to be the best you can be at whatever distance race you are training for. Whether it’s your first 5k or full marathon, Whip makes you feel like you are his top priority. I’ve always followed his schedules and the results just keep getting better and better with each race.

Carlos finishing his first marathon.  Goal was to break 4:30.  Finished in 4:28!

Carlos finishing his first marathon. Goal was to break 4:30. Finished in 4:28!

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