Failing to plan, is planning to fail!  The right training plan can help you reach your running goals and limit your risk of injury.  With 10 ultras, 18 marathons, and countless other shorter distance races under my belt, I have learned the importance of quality vs. quantity running and what key workouts help improve fitness and running performance. I’m passionate about helping other runners achieve success in the sport and offer several coaching options.

Basic Training Plans

Basic Training Plans are race specific training plans ideal for new runners or runners who are looking to slightly improve their PRs.  After an initial email questionnaire, a plan is designed over an agreed number of weeks up until your race.  These plans leave it up to the runner to execute once training plan is provided.

8 weeks – $100

12 weeks – $150

16 weeks – $200

Personalized Interactive E-Coaching

If you are looking for weekly interaction, a more dynamic training schedule and help with fueling and nutrition, this is the plan for you!  After an initial email questionnaire, a phone consultation will take place.  We’ll discuss past races, current fitness and future race goals.  Bi-weekly or monthly training schedules will be sent via email based on how your training is progressing.  Clients have the ability to email me anytime with questions or concerns and I’m available by phone for weekly updates or pep talks!

$109 per month

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